"Bree is a true healer. She creates the most comfortable and open environment that allows her to deeply connect with you on an individual basis and even in a group setting. She can make a yoga class or a large group of people feel safe and intimate. Bree radiates love and positive energy - she is an excellent teacher and genuine, kind soul. Breathwork has been a catalyst for my self healing and self growth; I could not imagine a better person to facilitate it."


-Kiley T.

"Bree is such a wonderful soul. I first met her taking her yoga class and immediately felt a connection with her calming energy. When I saw that she was doing reiki I knew I had to have a hands on experience with her. Wow let me tell you, she is a true healer with a genuine touch. I had never had reiki before Bree was super genuine and made me feel warm and comfy. Her space was soothing and felt pretty magical on a rainy day. When we were done with the session I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, a release of tension, and overall felt grounded in my body again. I would highly recommend this angel if you are looking for a hands on healing session."

-Angela B.

"Bree is a truly gifted leader and healer. Her attention to the individual as well as the whole leaves you feeling safe and grounded, but also free. I am able to completely let go and experience a deeply spiritual practice whenever being led by Bree. Her kindness and wisdom are so pure and it is evident whenever she teaches that she also lives by the principles she demonstrates in class. I am truly grateful to get to practice with such a humble and deserving being.

-Erin W.

"My practice with Bree is always an inner body experience. It’s that reset back to home.

Through the practice and her words, I’m opening up doorways to another perspective of viewing my current situation. I always love the lessons and how much love & compassion is projected through her."

-Ruby Y.

Bree is a true expander of mine. I practice with her on the physical level through asana, the mental level through meditation and the subconscious level through transformational breath work. In all practices Bree holds space that is grounded, supportive, and allows for exploration. Through Bree’s classes my capacity to hold space for my own softening has grown in ways beyond what I thought possible.

-Mackie A.

"Bree is more than a yoga instructor, she teaches you how to love yourself for who you are without requiring more. Her graceful self shows you how yoga can fundamentally alter your ego and inner voice that keeps saying that you’re not enough. Bree has a way of explaining how to integrate techniques in your daily life even if you’re far away from a mat. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out her yoga classes, breath workshops, and treat yourself to one of her weekend getaways because you deserve it."

-Rhoda I.

"I fell in love with Bree because she is honest and authentic.  I appreciate her attention and focus on breath whether it is in yoga class or Breathwork workshops as it has transformed my own practice.  Her energy and approach to the Breathwork workshops allows the room to open up collectively as well as heal in our own independent ways.  I always feel and know that I'm in a nourishing space to open up completely to explore, learn, and heal when I'm in a room with Bree.  She's magic. "

-Amy L.

"Bree is an amazing guide! Her authenticity and compassion for this work shines so bright. I never thought breath work could be so powerful! It was truly a transformational and healing experience. "

-Jess P. 

"I highly recommend Bree’s workshops and classes for anybody wanting to explore or deepen their meditation or yoga practice! She carries her passion for teaching yoga and meditation with an enormous heart and attention to detail. With genuine care in meeting each individuals needs, Bree creates a welcoming environment for students to challenge their own physical and mental obstacles. I absolutely love her workshops and the practical tools she teaches us that I can easily incorporate into my daily routine. I’m so grateful for having the guidance of a teacher that honors the practice of yoga as a deeply spiritual path that extends far beyond the mat."

-Rebecca Z.