Bree is a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, breathwork facilitator, and a lover of life. 

Bree started her healing journey after her life as a former dancer. It was then that she found yoga which helped heal her body, mind, and soul. 


After years of practicing yoga and meditation, Bree discovered active breathwork which was the catalyst to help her move through unprocessed emotions.  She believes it is important to incorporate multiple modalities on the healing journey - as what we need changes depending on the season of our life. 


Her love of teaching came from her love of learning and being a student herself. She is passionate about holding space for students to learn the tools to heal themselves. 

Bree teaches classes and workshops online and throughout Los Angeles. She leads several healing retreats every year that combine deep self inquiry, connection with community, and tapping back into sacredness of nature. Bree is writer and contributor for the Sun Potion Journal. Her greatest passion is helping others come home to themselves and recognize the magnificence they already possess.